Snap Sukkah


The snap sukkah is easy to put together, with its interlocking steel bars that easily lock into one another. Our easy to hang two toned water resistant fabric easily attaches to the frame with Velcro and ties and a bag for storage. The snap sukkah also comes with windows for added light, and a zipper door and screen to keep out bugs, and with beautifully decorated printed silk screens with Brochos and Ushpizin (optional).


Canvas Sukkah


This traditional Sukkah is completely pre-fabricated for quick assembly and is pre-packaged in one concise box for easy shipping and storage. The frame is made of aluminum alloy and magnesium making it sturdy and lightweight, and ensuring that they will not rust or corrode. The slip-on fittings we provide are strong and durable, with hardened set screws for easy assembling and dismantling. A hexagon key which we provide is the only tool needed.

Our Sukkahs are made of two toned grey/blue mildew resistant canvas, and are beautifully silk-screened with Brochos, Ushpizen and Kiddush. Using the simple to follow detailed instruction sheet, your Sukkah can be up in as little as 30 minutes. All Sukkahs are equipped with a zippered door which can be partially or completely closed for your comfort and wind protection. The canvas is custom fitted, the corners reinforced and the fittings heavy and durable for extra support.

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Portable Sukkah


Our new portable Sukkah constructed in under five minutes with absolutely no tools necessary. It will fit into any trunk and meets airline standards for check-in. The package comes with all parts needed including the bamboo mat. It comes with its own reinforced carry bag with adjustable shoulder strap. The portable Sukkah is great for traveling, for the office or to fit any small area. Recommended for temporary use only.


Modular Sukkahs

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This fantastic pre-fabricated Sukkah assembles in about half an hour with absolutely no tools necessary. It is manufactured with heavy-gauge aluminum and double supports, yet is lightweight for easy maneuvering and storage. The panels are available in various colors and materials. All are durable, lightweight, weather resistant and are easily washable. The doors can be placed on any side of the Sukkah you choose. The Sukkahs comes in standard 4 foot wide panels but can be customized to fit your specifications as needed. Our trained and courteous sales staff will assist you through our full line of standard, custom and three-wall Sukkahs.